Технології Quad компанії Roke technologies Ltd

“GEO-DELTA KB” LLC has exclusive rights to apply in Ukraine QuadTM technology by Roke Technologies Ltd (Canada). QuadTM technology involves study of one trip of the tool in the closed hole by the complex of nuclear methods and special processing and interpretation of data. To perform researches four metal columns are required to be available in the well.

Application of new technology, in addition to traditional tasks, will allow evaluation of the following parameters of the formation:

  • reliable estimation of porosity;
  • reliable estimation of the formation saturation by hydrocarbons;
  • well column differentiation by permeability;
  • effective porosity estimation;
  • determination of the relative density and permeability of the deposits to clarify hydrocarbon saturation of productive intervals;
  • well column lithological modeling;
  • assessment of formation contamination caused by mud and cement.

Anticipated deliverables when using QUADTM technology

Reliable allocation of productive formation and assessment of the reservoir porosity and permeability allowing to increase hydrocarbon production in some wells, and as a result – growth of hydrocarbon reserves of the field.

Comparison between densities determined by core data and by Quad Neutron log data

Технології Quad компанії Roke technologies Ltd
Data acquired by Quad Neutron four-detector neutron logging tool were interpreted by its own software data processing system.

Downhole tool technical specifications
Diameter 43 mm
Rated temperature 150 °С
Rated pressure 138 MPa
Total length 4,5 m (6 m in the off-line mode)
Number of nuclear detectors 6 (2 detectors Не3 for 2NNL, 2 detectors NaI (Tl) for 2NGL, 2 detectors NaI (Tl) for GR)
Type of neutron source Am241Be
Source power 6 Cu, with power 4,5 MeV
Supporting detectors Collar locator, 2 temperature detectors (top and bottom), 2 resistivity detectors (top and bottom).


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