Збільшення видобутку на відкритих родовищах

Production increase on the discovered fields

  • Reservoirs stimulation;
  • Searching and identification of additional (missed) layers and deposits;
  • Changing the operating modes of the formation exploration;
  • Research and analysis of geological potential of the area of work.

Reservoir stimulation

System processing method (OSMO, USA) developed for treating of perforation tunnels (holes) in the casing and near well bore area of oil and gas reservoirs..

OSMO technology ensures:

  • From 10% to 30% increased oil and gas well production rate;
  • Exhaustion of asphaltene and paraffin deposits;
  • Increasing the efficiency of downhole equipment;
  • Cleaning the existing asphaltene and paraffin deposits in the pipelines and increasing the pipeline lifetime;
  • Separation of oil from water in tanks where it is stored.

Through pipe logging

QUADTM Technology by Roke Technologies Ltd (Canada) allows to estimate the reservoir parameters through the pipe and in the open hole.

QUADTM Technology provides:

  • reliable estimation of porosity;
  • reliable estimation of the formation saturation by hydrocarbons;
  • well column differentiation by permeability;
  • effective porosity estimation;
  • determination of the relative density and permeability of the deposits to clarify hydrocarbon saturation of productive intervals;
  • well column lithological modeling;
  • assessment of formation contamination caused by mud and cement.

Anticipated deliverables when using QUADTM technology

Increased hydrocarbons production in some wells, and as a result – growth of hydrocarbon reserves of the field.

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